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Two-day SOGCE2023 at SICC starting 8 June

KOTA KINABALU: The two-day Sabah, Oil, Gas and Energy Conference and Exhibition 2023 (SOGCE2023) is now taking place at the Sabah International Convention Centre (SICC).

"The two-days conference presents high impactful paper presentations and plenary sessions by experts in the Oil, Gas and Energy Industries, representing local and international organisations," SOGCE2023 Organising Chairperson, Dolly Jimayol said.

The theme of SOGCE 2023 is “Energy Security & Sustainability of Oil, Gas & Energy Industry in Sabah”.

"Oil, Gas & Energy industry is so vital for economic growth and Sabah needs to ensure secure, affordable and sustainable supplies of energy for energy security and sustainability. Thus this conference will focus firstly on the Overview of Oil, Gas & Energy Industry, by Ir Firouz Asnan, Senior Vice President, MPM, PETRONAS followed by a paper on How can National Energy Policy (NEP) transform the Malaysian Energy Landscape especially in new growth areas that will benefit Industry Players; and paper on Opportunities &
Challenges in the Upstream Business: Deep Water, Marginal and Sour GasFields. In depth discussion on Energy Security & Sustainability in Oil, Gas &Energy Industry where panelists will share their respective companies’ initiatives and call to actions and their aspirations for Malaysia in general and Sabah in particular," said Jimayol.

"How will the industry transform as we gear towards Energy Transition? This will be discussed under the topic on The New Horizon: A Comprehensive Outlook towards the Energy Transition."

"We will listen how plans to spearhead the development of diversification of energy sources for electrification within the state, how gas ensures energy security and pragmatic pathway towards the transition and how to make the transition well balanced to ensure the security of supply and social needs are taken cared of," she said.

Delving deeper into the discussion, participants will listen to experts on this topic on Clean Energy Solutions: Opportunities in the Energy Transition. Paper on OGSE - Backbone of Malaysia’s nation building and its importance in the overall Energy Ecosystem will focus on areas that the industry needs to be addressed leading to the establishment of a sustainable execution plan that includes inter alia, advocacy for energy transition and transformation, she said.

"This conference will also focus on ESG: How it applies to the Oil, Gas & Energy Industry and Why it matters by revisiting the history of ESG establishment and update the current global/regional journey of ESG in achieving its aspiration, a Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050 pathway and its delivery as well as the impacts of ESG to OGSE sector and its visible challenges."

"The session on Oil and Gas Services and Equipment (OGSE) Industry Positioning & Securing New Opportunities amidst Energy Transition will be captivating as this will inter alia touch on the sustainability agenda in this industry, as well as to advance Sabah’s OGSE industry and how to drive the sector’s development towards cleaner and sustainable energy," she said.

Jimayol said also Malaysia’s voluntary carbon market exchange (VCM), is part of the nation’s commitment towards achieving net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as early as 2050.

"On this, we will listen to this topic of paper on Bursa Carbon Exchange: Accelerating a Net Zero Future."

She said although various types of greenhouse gases contribute to climate change, global strategies have thus far mainly focused on cutting emissions of carbon dioxide.

"However, methane is a much more potent gas compared to carbon dioxide. This paper on Opportunities for Methane Reduction in the O&G Sector is in support of Malaysia's Climate Goals. We will also listen to paper presentations on Power to Gas Concept/Solutions for Optimized H2-Electrolysis; and for paper on ESG & Insurance : Through the Looking Glass, this presentation would bring to all of you the reality of ESG; connecting ESG to the Corporate World and the changes demanded by ESG."

"The Finale of the conference will be on Conversation with Special Guest, Dr Dionysia Kibat, Chief Executive Officer of SMJ Sdn Bhd."

The 2- Day Exhibition will run concurrently with the conference and that is on 8 and 9 June 2023. The exhibition will showcase latest equipment, technology & solutions to demonstrate competitive advantages and competencies that include international and regional energy companies, service providers, and oil companies.

SOGCE 2023 is also featuring SOGCE - SPE KLS NextGen Energy Leader Programme for young professionals and Energy4me for secondary students. Spend a day at the golf course and enjoy the fun and relax way to network, and with popular demand, SOGCE Networking Golf continues to be organised by our supporting organisation, the Malaysian Oil, Gas & Energy Services Council, hosted by Midas Events Management.

Part of the proceeds will go towards a charitable organisation, The Society of Hope Sabah.

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