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UNK Karambunai 2022, Gillian Henry stars in Petronas short film "Mimpi Padi"

 KOTA KINABALU: "Mimpi Padi" is Petronas' latest short film that shares Sabah's tradition and culture through storytelling.

One of the casts is Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan Karambunai 2022, Gillian Henry, who plays the part of "Osindak" in the film. The word "Osindak" can mean several things, and they're all positive. It can mean someone is bright and intelligent; or someone active and healthy; or it can refer to a good weather.

The story starts in a lecture room, Osindak is walking with her two friends when her professor commended her good work. They leave the room, Osindak is beaming, and then her friends ask her if she's returning to her kampung to see her grandmother who raised her. Osindak looked hesitant and says that her grandmother wants her to help expand their farm, but eventually gave in and said she would return home.

In the next scene, we see a couple of hands preparing the 'hinopot' which is really rice, some vegetable and ikan masin (preserved salted fish) placed and wrapped with a banana leaf. Those preparing the delicious meal are cheerful, and they talk about aging and being perpetually young. A figure appears, it is Osindak, who has returned home. She greets her grandmother, and her three aunties (inai) and sits with them. One of her aunt served her the hinopot and she rejects, saying she doesn't eat rice anymore. Her grandmother then tries to feed her rice by taking some with her fingers and gesturing Osindak to eat it. Osindak stands up, tells them rudely that she doesn't 't want to eat it, apologised and left everyone. Her grandmother and three aunties had sad looks on their face.

After leaving her grandmother and aunties, Osindak is sleeping on her bed and is awaken by a strange sound. She stands up, opens the door, and finds herself transformed into her young self, clad in a school uniform with her hair tied neatly behind her. She sees the source of the noise: it is a talking buffalo, and he is saying "Odoi dogo", a commonly used exclamations among the Kadazan and Dusun people.

What happens next? Well, the short film "Mimpi Padi" is available for viewing on YouTube. Just type Petronas Mimpi Indah in the search box, and you're bound to find it.

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