“Mantap Bah Ini Gaman” – the new song to promote Sabah made products


The tune is catchy, and sounds familiar, reminding listeners of the famous Hawaiian melodies such as “Over the Rainbow”. And that is probably why “Mantap Bah Ni Gaman”, the new song that has been put together to promote Sabah made products, has stuck to my mind after listening to it being performed for the first time at the launching of IKS Mart in Ranau on Jan 27, 2022 which was graced by Sabah’s Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Panglima Hajiji Haji Noor, himself.

The person performing the song is Sabahan singer, Rich Gimbang, a former Akademi Fantasia finalist who made quite a name for himself in the entertainment industry. In the music video, the song starts with Rich singing while strumming an ukulele. The tune itself resembles some of the famous and old Hawaiian songs – quite an intelligent choice of tune as the song has become like one of those jingle that sticks to the brain and refuses to leave.

Fans of the Sabah 2021 Unduk Ngadau, Maya Hejnowska, will also be able to see her play her role as the ambassador of Sabah made products at IKS Sabah.

Since the song is unavailable on YouTube (which is surprising since it should be promoted and moreover, it is a very good song!), those wanting to listen to it can click here.