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State Unduk Ngadau title, crown, cash, scholarship awaits winner

We're getting closer to crowning the new Sabah State Unduk Ngadau winner for the year 2023. Who would it be out of the 50 Unduk Ngadau who contested in their respective district, and state, both in Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak. I am excited. Are you? Am sure many are as excited, or probably even more excited than I am. The Kaamatan festivity will climax with the announcement of the new Queen, as always.

Below are the list of Unduk Ngadau from their respective district/state (I am informed there should be 50 of them, and I seem to be missing some names):

Kota Marudu: Calby Floresa Dolinting
Kota Marudu: Calby Floresa Dolinting
  1. Api-Api (DBKK): Donna Deidre Anak Philip
  2. Banggi: Christine Ferra Jobiril
  3. Beaufort: Juje Elor
  4. Beluran: Suezilla Ovenna Suezlee
  5. Johor: Veru Nikah Terunisip
  6. Karambunai: Adelyn A Tillon
  7. Kemabong: Clierriennika Sapudin
  8. Keningau: Dealinah Alcy
  9. Kinabatangan: Chellyana Tensu
  10. Kiulu: Melni Dhial
  11. Kota Belud: Rachel Aswena Gundang
  12. Kota Marudu: Calby Floresa Dolinting
  13. Kuala Penyu: Alvy Marcellah Guanli
  14. Kudat: Abigail Vun Jia Ying
  15. Kunak: Easter Kelly John Aloysius
  16. Labuan: Crystal Vanessa John
  17. Lahad Datu: Jodhrina Birig
  18. Libaran: Andrea Roulind
  19. Likas: Devey Grayc
  20. Matunggong: Pui Xue Ni @ Ninie
  21. Melaka: Christine Joan Charles
  22. Membakut: Suzziereen Helly
  23. Menumbok: Maira Christabelle Yapp
  24. Nabawan: Suehaiveey
  25. Pagalungan: Eryeka
  26. Papar: Carol Abbey Gail
  27. Paitan: Safikah Duing
  28. Penampang: Galedine Lind Mosuyun
  29. Perak: Celarin Jenny
  30. Pitas: Efa Anniesyah Kambang
  31. Putatan: Doreen Tony
  32. Putrajaya: Marcerine Marcus
  33. Ranau: Fiumie Chang Yee Ann
  34. Sandakan: Audrey Jailin Tubong
  35. Sarawak: Marylyn Velarie Bolovin
  36. Semporna: Frecillabian Sobitun
  37. Sipitang: ValessaSchiffer JP Francis
  38. Sook: Evyanarey Larry
  39. Tambunan: Clerice Olivia Augustine
  40. Tamparuli: Rannysa Rachel Lee
  41. Tawau: Angelina Ka
  42. Telupid: Doren Olivia Gilbert
  43. Tenom: Charizsha Delyn Ng
  44. Tongod: Anika Isty Norman
  45. Tuaran: Florina Wileh
  46. Tungku: Jaqualine Sadan

In a press conference held at Sutera Harbour on Wednesday, Tindarama Joanna Datuk Kitingan, who is the chairperson of Sabah State Unduk Ngadau competition to be held on 30th and 31st May 2023 at the KDCA, or Hongkod Koisaan, said the cash prizes for the event is RM91,000. The total cost for all the prizes is not known at this time when I am writing this writeup.

Two educational institutions, ATI College and North Borneo University College (NBUC), will be giving away scholarships to study at their respective institute to the main winner. This year's winner will receive a sponsorship for diploma programme at ATI College, and will also receive RM1,000 cash from the college. NBUC will award the winner with a RM35,000 scholarship to study at their college, and RM3,000 in cash.

And there's more to their generosity.

ATI College is also offering all the State level Unduk Ngadau contestants sponsorship to take up their Diploma in Tourism programme (I asked twice, and thrice about this).

NBUC will also be giving the first runner up in the competition a RM30,000 scholarship and RM2,000 cash, and RM20,000 scholarship and cash of RM1,500 to the second runner up winner.

Joanna said they also received flight sponsorship from Maswings and Firefly. So this year's winner will stand to win a lot.

So do your best Unduk Ngadaus.

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